Hey guys we're learning about the Bitcoin in butterfly labs excavators, things that make me extremely excited to be surprised at first to see, it's pretty special look so he could tell me about them? So we have one new product, digging bitcion 600 GHZ machine with parallel systems advanced you can use it in or out as the first computer peripherals and we have a few options for this model, ventilating, cooling.

All these templates really impressive, I wonder what the requirements to use them it's incredibly easy to use, just any PC or Mac from your Andriod, window.

then use conventional coin software training and then you just put the usb port and use them.

? Yes, for each port you can connect the device 126/127 1 This figure is respectable, I have seen many machines with low-level but this connection is the first big step to the pros Vietnam.

every 1 unit used about 350 watts yes I have seen using conventional ones, about 350-400 watts is not simple So what about electronic wallet I see, let's talk about it? bitsafe this is, it is the best security keys and will keep your information safe 1 you can use anywhere in the network and use public computer as well as and we are supporting the blockchain and other providers we will fully automatically when you send a request and out, in the most advanced security when it comes to bitsafe, so you will not have to worry about selling or buying Bitcoin is that you do not know this is the future, it will help all users at the same time security and how best to use 1 Yes, when you use this electronic wallet, save all information, even if you have problems with the wallet on the computer it does not matter anymore it's great to hear that this is the solar battery behind the machine, it will automatically charging just in less light, and ensure the battery always works at best and you also have more normal charging I think with such power even if you keep it 24/7, the power will not be a problem right? Yes yes we design to ensure energy consumption and optimizing least possible machine so he can guide us to add one bit of trading with this machine, it will be like? usually easy and simple way that people use is through the camera that we have QR code scanning us, we have Bluetooth where you can send all the data, but the camera will help you get things done most easily with smartphones Dec, ATM or other machine BITSAFE this means that if we mutually bitsafe, the transaction will be faster and more secure so many times right? So yes, if both you and I have it, then everything will be very easy to transfer or receive that's great, so the cost per 1-on cards is how much? each of the card will cost about $ 2.

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100, we are trying to create better machines with more reasonable prices electronic wallet also has a relatively high price, we are trying to lower the price, it was at about $ 150 for each small parts (in many parts) I have few friends and they used the device for a very high price, I hope we can soon find out the device with more reasonable prices thanks for tracking newsletter about BUTTERFLY LABS, at CES 2014, please subscribe for more details on other products!.

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