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Bye! Hello community, I'd like to introduce you to someone very, very special.

Hi Alicia, It's nice.

Do you want to say something for El Salvador? Yes.

How do you feel that we're the first chapter of this community? Yeah.

It's so exciting that we have an El Salvador Branch.

Thank you so much for putting that together, I know it takes work.

It's really exciting that there is an international branch now.

We're really excited.

Thanks to Mario Gómez, to Emilio and other members of the community.

We were able to contact her, and start working on our chapter.

What is the final, the final project for the community at OSHWA? So, really—it's all educating people on what is Open Source Hardware.

And how to build Open Source Hardware.


How to apply the definition, the community approach to OSHW.

So, I know that one thing you guys have done is helping translate documents into Spanish and that has been life-changing for OSHWA.

We've been able to reach so many more people that way.

So thank you so much for doing that.

Indeed, Mario and other members have done so much work by translating documents.

I want to ask, why Open Source Hardware? Why do people have to care about that? I think it benefits all innovation, to create things that are open source, and to share ideas, because ideas are not created in a vacuum, and they should not stay in a vacuum.

Ideas really grow and move forward, they have to be innovated on, and the best way is through open source, through letting your project go out in the wild, and letting other people change your project in ways you never anticipated.

That is really the benefit of open source, and I hope that you all do open source hardware, and create open source hardware.

What is the message to the people, our friends who come to our event? What would be a message for them? Yes, documenting your hardware and getting out in the open is the best thing that you can do at this event.

I hope you guys have a great event, and I hope your turnout is awesome, and I hope you guys build open source hardware! Thanks.

She is our colleague on open source hardware, In El Salvador more people are joining us, people from the community will talk more about it.

We'll see you in the next video.


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