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Com presentation, and today we are going to present to you the two different ways to setup your Square cash register point-of-sale system, and we're also going to show you how to get the correct supported hardware for your Square cash register system, so let's get right to it.

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And by the way, this link up here it is listed on the bottom of this YouTube video for you, so you can have quick and easy access to this page that I'm on right now.

OK, so basically.

There's two ways to setup your Square cash register system.

One is with the actual Square Stand itself, and so we'll discuss that one first.

So for the Square Stand installation: the Square Stand comes with a built-in or integrated USB hub/charger, so that allows you to connect your EMV card reader right here.

It allows you to connect a USB barcode scanner and a USB thermal receipt printer.

Now the cash drawer (in this particular setup) the cash drawer is receipt printer driven, so there's an RJ cable right here that goes from the back of the receipt printer to the back of the cash drawer, and every time that this receipt printer prints it sends a signal down this cable to the solenoid in the cash drawer for it to open, OK? And so this is the setup that you would want to have with an iPad and a Square Stand.

Now all of this Hardware in here.

You can't just get any hardware you have to have supported hardware, and we have that hardware already here for you in this retail bundle #1, so if you click on that link right there it will take you to a page where you can get the supported cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner for an iPad with Square Stand setup.

Now the second way to do this is without the Square Stand.

Let's just say that you have an iPad, but you also have your own universal stand and you want to use that.

So let's go ahead and review that setup, so that setup a little bit different.

So right here in this image we have a universal stand with iPad and attached to that would be a USB hub or would be a Lightning to USB cable or 30 pin to USB cable adapter depending on the iPad model that you have.

And the reason why you would need that is so you can connect your USB barcode scanner.

Ok, now Square actually supports a Bluetooth barcode scanner with the Socket Mobile scanner, so if you want to go with the supported hardware you want to get the Socket Mobile scanner; however, you can do a regular USB handheld scanner, but you would need an Apple Lightning to USB cable or 30-pin adapter cable.

So for your other peripherals: for your receipt printer it needs to be a Bluetooth or Ethernet printer for it to be supported without the stand by Square, so we highly recommend the Bluetooth printer.

It's easiest to setup; however, if you plan on having more than one Square cash register system at your store you may want to think about getting an Ethernet or network printer that way you can have more than one POS system printing to the printer.

But again we do recommend Bluetooth receipt printer because it is the easiest for a one system install.

And again here we have a receipt printer driven cash drawer, so the receipt printer driven cash drawer RJ cable goes from the back of the printer to the back of the cash drawer, and every time the printer prints it sends a signal down this cable for the cash drawer to open.

Now this is the way you want to do it if you are going to use a universal iPad stand.

Again, so you're not going to use the Square supplied stand.

You're going to use your own.

Now we actually have this hardware package already setup for you in retail bundle #2, and in this one we actually have the universal stand with the Bluetooth printer, barcode scanner (USB barcode scanner) and cash drawer.

OK, so it's all right there for you.

Now you can go "al a carte" as it were on the point of sale hardware.

So let's say that you just ,you know, wanted to mix and match your own hardware, and you can do that on this page.

We have all of the supported hardware for a Square cash register.

So we have all the printers/Ethernet, all the Bluetooth printers, the USB, the impact printers, your barcode scanners, cash drawers and so forth on down the list here -- everything that you need to go ahead and do a hardware bundle for your Square cash register.

Now we offer some of the best prices for supported Square hardware in the USA, and we also have free shipping within the continental USA, so we're very pleased with the great deals we can offer you.

If you have any additional questions about this please don't hesitate to visit our website at https://POSCatch.

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